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Stop The Bleeding


2023 Stop The Bleeding Ukraine

Karl Shifflett has been serving in Mykolaiv, Ukraine since April 2022. Since the southern frontlines have been pushed south of Mykolaiv about 38 miles (60 kilometers), Mykolaiv is not being attacked like last year. Now the southern hotspot is the city of Kherson.

Karl is relocating to Kherson on 30 June 2023 to serve there. He has been there five times and is partnered with a church and other volunteers. He will be working with the children of war in the Khersion city and region.

Last year we conducted children of war and trauma training for over one hundren Ukrainian leaders and layworkers. Fifteen of those that were trained are from Karl’s church in Mykolaiv. Our goal is to leverage this training to help the children and parents in the Kherson Region.

We are in the beginning stages of a new project called “Art Heals Ukrainians.” This project will use art therapy to help children and parents.

In the coming weeks, we will evaluate options for focusing ministry efforts in addion to the children of war.

Unfortunately, Kherson is shelled every day. People are wounded almost everyday and several days a week people are killed by the evil invaders.

In addition, Kherson was flooded on 6 June 2023 by the destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) and dam. It is the biggest man-made disaster in the world in recent decades. It kills ecology, will undermine food security and will negatively affect the lives of thousands of people and animals.

We are helping families try to put their lives back together.

2023 Balloons Helping Chilren

We have had many sessions of making balloon animals and balloon flower with children in an orphanage and in Kherson. We have seen very positive results with the kids.

From our first session in Kherson. When the kids arrived today, some were unsure, timid, clinging to their mom’s. Very understandable considering what they have lived through already and what happens daily.

Ninety minutes later, they all had the best time, felt safe, had fun, did something they never did before, and felt affirmation, love and wanted.

Some PTSD groups use game therapy to help children and teens. Sometimes, kids just want a chance. A chance to learn, a chance to try new things, a chance to do things with others, a chance to be a child.


2022 Promise Made, Promise Delivered

On 23 April 2022, Pastor Kurt Erickson and Karl Shifflett hand-delivered the CELOX™ Rapid Gauze to our medics. We were not able to go to the front lines the week Pastor Kurt was here due to heavy fighting, so the medics came to us. We also delivered CELOX Rapid Gauze to other medics not pictured below.

Thank you so very much for your giving. In Heaven, you’ll get to meet the soldier whose life you saved with your donation. May God bless you for your donation to Ukraine and the CELOX Rapid Gauze.

CELOX Gauze delivered to a medic.
CELOX Gauze delivered to a medic.
CELOX Gauze delivered to a medic.
CELOX Gauze delivered to a medic.

2022 CELOX Rapid Gauze Delivery

This short video (edited for brevity) shows interacting with one of our medics during the delivery of the CELOX Rapid Gauze. In addition to an explanation, we watched a training video and provided directions translated into Ukrainian. Most of our medics were familiar with CELOX Rapid Gauze, for those who were not, we did in-depth instruction.

2022 Visiting The Front Line

This video was made when Pastor Elijah Perevoznuik, Dima Krasnopir, and I went to the front lines. Dima made this incredible video of the trip. We went out of town to bring aid to our soldiers on the front lines in the Southern Region of Ukraine. We traveled only 40 kilometers and saw the horrors of war with our own eyes.

Went to support our military, and give them medications and supplies. But in the end, the military encouraged us with their unbreakable spirit, courage, positivity, and an attitude to retake every bit of our Ukraine. Thank you to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we are proud of you.

2022 The Beginning

On 27 February 2022 Pastor Kurt Erickson of Eleos Ministries and Karl Shifflett of Bikers For Christ Indiana partnered together to bring much-needed life-saving CELOX™ Rapid Gauze to Ukraine. CELOX Rapid Gauze hemostat stops the bleeding in 1 minute or less from serious arterial wounds. It costs about $48.00 per package.

CELOX Rapid Product page:

2022 Moving To Mykolaiv, Ukraine

On 21 April 2022, Karl moved to Mykolaiv, Ukraine. He is a volunteer at Церковь Победа Николаев, Victory Church of Mykolaiv. You can follow Karl Shifflett on Facebook to learn more about the work God has for us.

Staying Informed

You can follow these Facebook pages to keep up with news from inside Ukraine.

Karl Shifflett (

Маша Перевознюк (Masha Perevoznuik) (

Маша (Masha) is Pastor Illia’s (Elijah Perevoznuik) wife in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. She posts about what the ministry is doing there. Facebook will translate her posts into English automatically for you. The videos the ministry posts all have English subtitles. This is the Pastor and church I’m working with here in Ukraine.

Церковь Победа Николаев (Victory Church of Mykolaiv) (

Dima Krasnopir, Church Videographer and Producer (

Kurt Erickson (

Pastor Don Louvier (

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Much love and respect,

Pastor Kurt and Karl

Stop The Bleeding Bible verses from the New Living Translation

Proverbs 19:21 You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.

Proverbs 29:25 Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.

Proverbs 31:8-9 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.