Pastor Don Louvier ( Pastor Don )

Pastor Don Louvier
Pastor Don Louvier ( Pastor Don ) State Elder / Chapter Elder Contact 260-854-2062  ( home ) 260-499-0883  ( cell ) Facebook Preferred Contact Method Cell Phone Call hours Anytime

Pastor Don is not your typical pastor in a 3-piece suit; most people can find him wearing leather as his usual wardrobe. As the Indiana State Elder for Bikers For Christ, his ministry is similar to the old time circuit preachers who traveled on horseback spreading the Word. Instead of a horse, he usually rides a Harley, ministering and preaching at campgrounds, church pulpits, rallies, gatherings, and many other venues. He incorporates his life experiences into his teaching, bringing the Gospel into everyday life.

While Pastor Don was in the United States Marine Corps, he and his wife, Cyndy, married in 1985. They currently reside in LaGrange, Indiana. Both Pastor Don and Cyndy decided to walk the narrow path and became committed to the Lord. Through the leading of Holy Spirit, Pastor Don became an Ordained Minister in 2004 and a member of Bikers For Christ in 2006.